Sunday, September 12, 2010

Abby's Beam Routine Fall Classic

This is Abby's beam routine. She said she was so nervous she was shaking during the whole routine. Bless her heart!!

Abby's Bars Warm-Up Fall Classic

This is her bars warms-up. I had to post this one instead of her actual routine because Keith didn't get the first part on video.

Abby's Fall Classic 2nd vault

This is her 2nd vault.

Abby's First Vault- Fall Classic

This is her first vault.

Abby's Floor Routine

She was really proud of this routine. She said other than her dive roll and keeping her feet together she thought she did pretty good. That is all that matters!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Charlotte...a new beginning

It has been a while since I have updated but we have been very busy. We are now officially in Charlotte and really liking it so far. It's no Hoover just yet, but I think we can be really happy here. Abby LOVES it! She loves her new gym, her teacher and has two best buddies in the neighborhood, one right next door and one right across the street. She is in heaven! Jake is doing well. He has one buddy down the street and one in another part of the neighborhood. It hasn't been quite as easy for him but hopefully it will get easier and easier. He is taking swim lessons and golf lessons and is about to sign up for cubscouts and basketball for the winter. I just want him to meet some more people but it just isn't as easy for boys at this age until you get involved in something. We have found a church which has been a blessing. Check it out on the web...It is Elevation Church. It is really awesome and the kids love it!!! Well that is all for now!! here is a pic of our new house!

Monday, June 14, 2010

RSG Sisters

So, even though our year in Raleigh had its ups and downs we met some AMAZING people! Abby and I both became so close to our Raleigh School of Gymnastics family. The girls had such a great time with each other, inside and outside of the gym. I wanted Abby to have a keepsake of her time with her gym family so I made this little video for her. It turned out so cute I wanted to share it! We miss you RSG!